Day of Birth

If you were born on a WEDNESDAY :

  • You are quite witty and have a mind curved specially for business.
  • You are not very organized in your work and have a cluttered thought process as well.
  • You are not much concerned about your looks or your surroundings—you are mostly simple minded.
  • You are curious by nature; you ask a lot of questions and seek to communicate. You are very active when it comes to interacting with others and exchanging ideas.
  • You are satisfied with your life most of the time and are easily contented by what you have.
  • You are efficient in your work, and are likely to do well in supervisory positions.
  • You should keep your temper in check as you are by birth short tempered which comes in the way of your achieving success in life and maintaining good relationships.
  • Women born on Wednesdays, especially after 6 PM, however exhibit different characteristics: You are materialistic, highly intelligent and sometimes, sly. You always do things which will give you back something in return.