Day of Birth

If you were born on a TUESDAY :

  • You are very active, lively and have a vivacious demeanor. You have warrior-like qualities.
  • You are brave and serious in your work, and will always have people to help you out.
  • You worry a lot and the more you worry, the more problems you attract in your life. You should learn to let go and relax; and lead a hassle free life. Simplify your living and life will become more endearing.
  • You are overtly materialistic. Though your taste in material possessions is quite good, but sometimes you overindulge and end up buying more things than you need—be it clothes or anything else. You should learn to save money.
  • Though you ask other’s opinions a lot, you eventually do what you think is right. So instead of asking around too much, spend time thinking on your own and weighing the pros and cons on your own accord because in the end, you will take your own decision.
  • You are very straight-forward, and often do not think before you speak. This results in many people ending up in misunderstanding you.
  • You are hardworking but also very sensitive which makes you somewhat difficult to deal with.