Day of Birth

If you were born on a SUNDAY :

  • You have a positive attitude towards life and are generous in nature.You are also very trustworthy.
  • You are most likely to be an introvert and have very few friends.You are very suspicious and do not trust others much.
  • You are very sensitive and are often too moved by somebody else’s comment and you think over it for too long.
  • You are a thinker, but sometimes you might get carried away and lose focus from reality.You also have a tendency to procrastinate.
  • You are very helpful in nature but are also short tempered which might hamper your relationship with others.
  • You are independent and love to help those in need.You are also stubborn in nature.
  • Due to your stubborn nature you find it hard to work amicably with others and find difficulty in dealing with situations where some compromise and conformation is required. You ought to change your attitude otherwise you might find it hard to survive in your workplace.