Day of Birth

If you were born on a SATURDAY :

  • You are generally serious and have a good sense of responsibility which makes you a very trusted person.
  • You are prone to worrying too much and get sad often suddenly by recalling past events.
  • You are very intelligent, almost perfectionist, and would do extremely well in any kind of business.
  • You like to maintain a high standard of living and have a style of your own. The clothes you wear, you overall get-up and everything you do appears to have been planned and purposeful even when it is not.
  • You are prone to be rebellious but sometimes it might be just for the sake of it or without good reason.
  • You are somewhat difficult to control because in the end you do what you think is right and what others say do not matter much to you.
  • You are not only stubborn but you also do not trust many people—even if they are your close friends or colleagues. You weigh too much before making friends.