Day of Birth

If you were born on a MONDAY :

  • You have a good memory; you are soft spoken, but you are also very whimsical.
  • You are very sensitive and emotional, and are prone to get nervous easily.
  • You love to spend time with your family, relatives and close friends.
  • You love peace and you make peace. You are always the pacifier when quarrels take place among your close ones.
  • You are most likely to be involved in a skill-based occupation, and you are very business minded.
  • Monday born women might suffer from anemia related problems, weakness, insomnia and dizziness.You ought to take a lot of vitamins and exercise regularly in order to stay fit.
  • Monday born men love food and are mostly misers. But they also lead disciplined lives and are immensely successful in their jobs.
  • Girls born on a Monday grow up to be very good wives and mothers.They are loving and caring and take good care of their close ones.