Day of Birth

If you were born on a FRIDAY :

  • You are the harbinger of peace, love, beauty and pleasure. The creative fields like music, painting, artistry and acting attract you a lot.
  • You are generally happy-go-lucky but sensitive when it comes to relationships. You do not take heartbreaks well and if anything or anyone makes you sad, you mourn over it for too long.
  • If you are a woman, you have a high emotional quotient and thus have many friends around you. You are also very possessive, quick-witted and business minded.
  • If you are a man, you are very popular among women and are munificent in nature. But your relationship with your family members is thrifty. You love travelling overseas.
  • You do not fall ill often, but when you do, it is either something very serious or something that will take a very long time to recover from.
  • You have an intrinsic intuition about things which you should follow to keep out of harm’s way.
  • You are spiritual by nature and have worldly wisdom which makes you wiser than people even elder to you.